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Growth Track

everything you need to know about the church and your place here.

There’s a greater purpose

Growth Track is the next step for anyone who is deciding if Citizen Heights is the community for you. Even though everyone can belong here, it’s important to know how we uniquely make each other stronger. The four short tracks will acquaint you with our church, our story and how your strengths and gifts fit inside of that. Growth Track happens every Sunday at all locations.

A look at the unique purpose for our church

Track 1: Church Class

Learn about our foundation as a church, the unique purpose that we have, and our vision to inspire hope and remove limitations in our community.

Track 2: Essentials Class

Developing spiritual habits is an essential component of your faith. In this track you’ll be resourced with the action steps necessary for growing in your faith.

Track 3: Discovery Class

Once you’ve learned the unique purpose of our church; you can begin to identify how your unique gifts and talents fit. Discovery is all about discovering your God-given talents, and your spiritual gifts.

Track 4: Team Class

This last track is an orientation for the ministry team of your choice, following the discovery stop and gives a clear step to joining the team at Citizen Heights.

Growth Track Schedule

Childcare is provided for each track. Meals are provided during Track 1.


  • 1st Sunday, 1:00PM: Church Class
  • 2nd Sunday, 11:30AM: Essentials Class
  • 3rd Sunday, 11:30AM: Discovery Class
  • 4th Sunday, 11:30AM: Team Class


  • 1st Sunday, 11:30AM: Church Class
  • 2nd Sunday, 10:30AM: Essentials Class
  • 3rd Sunday, 10:30AM: Discovery Class
  • 4th Sunday, 10:30AM: Team Class

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